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*Applications accepted from April 10th to June 15th of 2024. See qualifications below:

Qualification details: * Must be enrolled in high school or heading to first year of college to qualify.

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Your teeth, mouth, and face are crucial to your health. If you’re seeking a specialty surgery, you want to ensure you’re in careful, experienced hands. Our surgeons boast an impeccable safety record backed by their decades of combined experience.

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We offer transformative oral-maxillofacial surgeries that help our clients gain a new sense of comfort and function. Here’s what your neighbors in Provo, American Fork, and Price have to say about Utah Oral Surgeons.

“The service was amazing. I suffer from anxiety and everyone treated me well and helped me relax. The Dr was excellent. I recommend this clinic.”


“Friendly front desk Staff 🙂 I also was able to meet Dr. McBee personally to discuss my situation and he was equally friendly. Thank you.”


“After my dentist recommended Dr. McBee to me, I got my wisdom teeth out here. They talked with me before and I felt like they really listened to my questions. The whole staff was friendly and helpful. The operation was fast and easy, with almost no swelling after. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.”


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