Do you require a dental implant or a tooth replacement? Perhaps you’re ready to extract those wisdom teeth. There are numerous reasons you may need to visit an oral surgeon.

The country today has over 4,120 oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The sheer number of options may appear to be daunting.

How then do you narrow down your choices to find somebody you can rely on?

Here are seven things to think about before hiring an oral surgeon in your region. You can get somebody worth trusting your smile if you follow these guidelines.

1. Training

The procedures carried out by an oral surgeon cannot be handled by everyone, leave alone a general dentist. A person can only perfect them with the right education and training. Thus, you must inquire about their education and training before choosing an oral surgeon.

Ensure the oral surgeon has graduated from an accredited dental school and has at least six years of surgical and anesthesia training. However, education is a learning process that never ends. For this reason, it’s better to check whether the oral surgeon still attends any learning programs and seminars.

Chances are an oral surgeon who still attends learning programs and seminars is up to date with the latest treatment technologies. Working with a well-trained oral surgeon gives you peace of mind despite the complexity of the dental procedure.

2. Experience of the Oral Surgeon

Choosing a surgeon with the right education and training might not be enough. How well the oral surgeon puts into practice the training and education are what matters most.

Thus, before choosing a surgeon, assess their experience. Chances are, an oral surgeon who has been in the profession for more than five years is likely to handle dental procedures perfectly. In addition, an experienced surgeon is likely to have seen the worst, and they know the best cause of action to take if a procedure goes south.

Despite the surgeon being in the profession for long, have they handled a similar problem to yours?

You can also check whether the surgeon is a member of any professional organization. An experienced oral surgeon dedicated to the dental surgery field will always be a member of a professional organization.

3. Available Services

Not all surgeons will offer all kinds of services on dental procedures. Some are more experienced in offering a given set of dental surgeries in comparison to others. Today medical professionals usually list the kind of surgical services they offer on their site.

Ensure you pick those oral surgeons that offer the kind of service you are looking for. You can also call an oral surgeon of your choice and inquire more about how they handle problems similar to yours.

In some cases, you can request them to offer evidence on past dental procedures they have performed. An oral surgeon whose focus is offering quality services will always have photographs and videos of their past work.

4. Costs

The cost charged by an oral dentist might inform you more about their medical procedures. Does the oral surgeon charge fees that are below the market range? If yes, chances are they are inexperienced or are imposters whose aim is to make a living.

Thus, before choosing an oral surgeon, conduct research to determine the range of fees most oral surgeons charge. After narrowing it down to oral surgeons charging reasonable fees, check whether they accept your medical or dental insurance.

If they accept your dental or medical insurance, you can ask them to give you a price quote for your specific dental procedure.

5. Reputation

Getting an experienced and reputable maxillofacial surgeon is not always easy. However, your general dentist can refer you to some of the best oral surgeons they know.

Also, your friends might have come across oral surgeons who offer quality surgical services. But be vigilant, at times your friends might refer you to an oral surgeon based on friendship or family ties.

However, after getting recommendations, ensure to read client reviews. Does the surgeon have many positive reviews? If yes, it’s a sign there are competent.

However, a few negative reviews should not worry you. But if the surgeon doesn’t comment on negative reviews, it might be a red flag. A professional surgeon who takes pride in their dental work will always reply to negative reviews.

6. Convenience

Imagine being referred to an oral surgeon who is many miles away? It would cause not only inconveniences but also add transport costs. Thus, before choosing a surgeon, check where they are located.

Choosing a surgeon near you saves money and ensures you get quick help in case of a dental emergency. Apart from the location, you need to check on their scheduling. If you can only manage to undergo the dental procedures through the night, ensure to choose an oral surgeon who offers services round the clock.

7. The Place

The place where the surgical procedures will occur is an important factor that most people tend to overlook. You don’t want complex procedures such as corrective surgery being done in unhygienic places.

To ensure that the dental surgery is hygienic and fully equipped, try to schedule an office visit before your appointment or look at online photos of the facilities.

Choose the Right Oral Surgeon Today

Knowing an expert in handling your oral health issues gives you peace of mind. Choosing the right oral surgeon does not only save you money but also guarantees quality medical procedures.

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