Do you need to have one or more wisdom teeth removed? Perhaps you want to have lost teeth or dental implant replaced. Or maybe you need a restructuring of your gum or bone tissue.

A maxillofacial surgeon is invaluable regardless of the injury or condition you have affecting the neck, head, mouth, jaw, and face.

Maxillofacial surgery is a life-changing experience, whether it’s for correcting injuries, conditions, or for aesthetic purposes. And whatever your motivation is, you must get the best care and treatment to achieve the intended results.

The maxillofacial surgeon you pick determines the success or failure of the procedure. It’s paramount that you be spot on when making the decision.

Making the wrong choice of surgeon can quickly result in a botched surgery. This can result in permanent facial damage, general appearance dissatisfaction, or risk your life. To avoid this, you must hit the nail on the head when picking a maxillofacial surgeon.

But with about 9000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the US, how do you choose the best? Here’s what to look for when making your choice to get you started.

Check on Education

Before picking any maxillofacial surgeon, it’s important to find one with proper training and education. You’ll need to check through the potential surgeons on your list and ensure each has graduated from a recognized dental school. Also, make sure they have about four to six years of surgical and anesthesia training.

It’s also important to check whether the surgeons on your list have continued education. Continuing education helps a surgeon to keep themselves updated with the latest techniques in the field.

In addition, ask if they have a board certification in maxillofacial and oral surgery. This will prove that they have the necessary credentials and have also met the practice standards to practice.

Consider Experience

One of the utmost considerations to make when choosing a maxillofacial surgeon is checking on experience. While you want to pick a surgeon with the right education, be keen to ensure they have adequate hands-on experience. Check on how long the potential surgeon has been in the field and the number of procedures they have done.

An experienced maxillofacial surgeon has in-depth knowledge of all procedures. They have successfully performed numerous procedures in the past and understand them well. Also, they already know the risks and what can go wrong during your procedure but also understand the way around it.

With an experienced maxillofacial surgeon, your procedure will have a higher chance of success. You’ll have peace of mind knowing someone skilled is in-charge, and you can be guaranteed of intended results.

To check on experience, ask and confirm the number of procedures the facial surgeon has done. Also, have they done a procedure similar to yours before? If they have never performed a procedure before, steer clear of them.

Make sure to visit their website and read more about their experience. If they don’t have this section on their page, reach out to them to learn more.

Also, check if they have made any recognized contribution to the practice. Have they received any award or trophy due to their distinguished work?

You also need to check if they are members of any professional organization. This includes membership with the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Consider Reputation

Prior to making a final decision on picking a potential surgeon, you’ll need to know more about their practice. What’s the experience of past patients who have been treated in practice? This provides crucial insights to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to pick the surgeon.

To learn more about their reputation, go through their website to check on testimonials. These are feedbacks left by past patients who sort treatment from the facility. Be keen and evaluate whether they are expressing satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

However, testimonials are marketing and will always be flattery. This is why you need to turn to third-party review websites for honest and unbiased reviews. Search the practice on websites such as Google My Business, Yelp, and TrustPilot to get reviews.

On these sites, you are likely to find both positive and negative reviews, which is normal. However, if the negative reviews outdo the positive ones, it’s a red flag; avoid the practice completely. Also, check with Better Business Bureau if any complaint has been filed against them.

You might also want to ask for references from the practice to learn more about their corrective jaw surgery. This includes contact details of past patients so that you can reach out to them. If provided, contact them and learn more about the practice firsthand.

Avoid them if they hesitate to provide you with the details without any valid reason.

Consider Costs

During your search for a maxillofacial surgeon, ask about payment options for treatments. Check if they accept your dental or medical insurance. To confirm this, reach out to the practice or check their website for more details about their payment.

If they don’t accept the insurance, check for available financing options. Also, how much do they charge for the procedure? Going for the cheapest option available might imply picking an inexperienced or partly trained surgeon to treat you.

To determine the realistic fees for a procedure, consult several practices and ask about their charges. Using this information, you can evaluate whether a certain practice is cheap or expensive. Pick a reputable practice striking a balance between their patients’ fees and services.

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Oral or maxillofacial corrective surgery can help create a better, beaming smile and appearance. However, it’s paramount that you pick the best maxillofacial surgeon to ensure the procedure’s success.

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