About 85% of people have to get their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their life. Because wisdom teeth can lead to misaligned teeth and other more serious issues, it is important that you get them removed. 

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They Can Be Impacted

Sometimes when you develop wisdom teeth, they never erupt through your gums. These are also known as impacted wisdom teeth. Typically, this happens because your mouth does not have space for your wisdom teeth to come through your gums. 

If your wisdom teeth are partially impacted, it can lead to many other problems. In fact, impacted wisdom teeth are more likely to develop cavities. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can also lead to gum sensitivity, pain, and inflammation. In these cases, it is best to remove your wisdom teeth. However, if they are impacted and are not causing any problems, you may not have to have your wisdom teeth removed. 

Take Up Too Much Space

Another reason why you may need to remove your wisdom teeth is if they take up too much space in your mouth. If you let your wisdom teeth grow in, it can overcrowd your mouth. With other teeth, your orthodontist can use braces to help straighten them out. 

However, if there simply isn’t enough room for your wisdom teeth, there is nothing your dentist can do to make them fit. 

If your wisdom teeth continue to grow, they will begin to crowd your other teeth. This may begin to shift your other teeth and cause misalignment and issues with your jaw. 


One common reason that people need their wisdom teeth removed is that they can be very painful. This is especially true as they are coming in, as they grow through your gums. 

Not only can wisdom teeth cause pain in your mouth and gums, but they can even lead to other problems, like headaches. 

There are many other painful symptoms that are associated with wisdom teeth. These include jaw pain, painful or bleeding gums, swollen jaws, and even bad breath. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is best that you meet with an oral surgeon to find wisdom teeth removal services

Bacteria Growth

As was mentioned before, leaving your wisdom teeth in your mouth can cause damage to other nearby teeth. For example, if your wisdom teeth are partially impacted, they are more likely to trap bacteria and other debris. This is because bacteria can get below the surface of your gums. 

If your tooth has partially erupted, it can also be much more difficult to brush and floss after eating. If bacteria is growing on your wisdom teeth, they can cause damage to the other teeth. 

They can also lead to shifting teeth and problems with your bite. 

Leads to Deterioration on Other Teeth

When your wisdom teeth grow in, it can lead to damage to other teeth. Not only can it cause your teeth to shift, but it can even increase the risk of decay and infection in your other teeth. 

To prevent infections from spreading in your mouth, it is best to remove your wisdom teeth before they begin causing problems. 

Grow at the Wrong Angle

Sometimes, wisdom teeth will grow into your mouth at the wrong angle. In fact, some wisdom teeth even grow in the wrong direction. If this happens, it can affect your other teeth, as was mentioned before. 

It can be more painful if your teeth grow at the wrong angle, and it can cause other problems with misaligned teeth and bite problems. 

Leads to Sinus Problems

Many people do not realize that wisdom teeth growing in their mouths can lead to problems with their sinuses. Because your mouth and nose are so closely connected, pain in your mouth can cause pain in your sinuses. 

As your wisdom teeth grow, they can sometimes cause congestion and pressure or pain in your sinuses. This can lead to headaches and other pain. If you notice sinus problems, you may need to get your wisdom teeth removed. 

Can Cause Inflamed Gums or Gum Disease

Finally, wisdom teeth can eventually lead to inflamed gums and even gum disease. When your wisdom teeth erupt through your gums, it can cause a lot of pain and inflammation. 

This may make it painful to touch your gums, even for things like brushing and flossing. 

If your wisdom teeth have partially erupted, it can cause serious problems with your gums as well. This is because the opening in your gums allows bacteria to get trapped beneath. When bacteria get trapped below the surface of your gums, it can lead to infections, swelling, and more. 

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Wisdom teeth can cause many other issues with your oral health. Not only can they lead to bacteria growth and crowded or crooked teeth, but they can also be quite painful as they are erupting through your gums.

If you have noticed your wisdom teeth growing in, you must get them removed before they cause problems with your other healthy teeth. 

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